Zebra TC51 HC

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Handheld Computers/PDA Zebra TC51 HC

Zebra TC51-HC, 2D, BT (4.1), Wi-Fi, NFC, PTT, GMS, Android

Zebra TC51-HC, 2D, BT (4.1), Wi-Fi, NFC, PTT, GMS, Android

    Computer touch TC51-HC

    To ensure the highest quality of care, nurses and other health workers must call or send text messages to doctors and collaborators, answer calls from the PBX system, access patient electronic records, read codes at the end of each shift. bars for drug delivery and sample collection without making mistakes, monitor medical device alarms and perform many other operations.
    As a result, the average health worker needs a multitude of devices: from a two-way radio to a personal consumer smartphone, from a portable PBX phone to a barcode scanner, as well as a pager capable of receiving alarms of critical life-saving equipment. This involves the purchase of a large quantity of devices, which must then be properly managed and disinfected to prevent the spread of germs.
    If many mobile computers are able to offer only some of these features, the Zebra TC51-HC supports all of them. With a TC51-HC in hand, healthcare professionals can have all the features they need to manage virtually every activity - without compromising patient privacy or data security. And in terms of quality, we can only wait for the best
    – TC51-HC sets standards in its class in terms of robust design, functionality and screen size, barcode scanning performance, battery capacity, camera resolution, power, memory and data storage capacity - all in a housing made of the most resilient plastic material for medical use in the sector.
    Moreover, by choosing this device, you will have the guarantee of an unparalleled investment protection. The TC51-HC unit is built to last and support the next two generations of Android, ensuring superior investment protection.
    Give your staff all the tools necessary to improve the productivity, accuracy of operations and experience of patients with Zebra TC51-HC - because when quality of health care is at stake, your patients deserve the best.