SQC Fanfold patinated cardboard

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Tags SQC Fanfold patinated cardboard

Coated paper tag in fanfold

Coated paper tag in fanfold- Non adhesive white tags for thermal transfer printing

Coated paper tag in fanfold

Non-adhesive stickers (Tag) in white coated paper for thermal transfer printing, requires the use of ribbon wax or wax-resin.
The smooth, glossy coating film guarantees superior image quality printing for graphics and smaller fonts as well.
Good scratch resistance. Package package (fanfold).


General features:

  • Patterned Paper Tags (Tag)
  • white
  • Not stickers
  • For thermal transfer printing
  • Package package (fanfold)


  • Shelf shelves
  • Product identification

Ribbon and printer:

  • Requires the use of ribbon wax or wax-resin
  • Available in variants for desktop, medium and high performance printer models


  • Fanfold
  • access control
  • Coupon
  • Entrance tickets
  • Monitoring Tickets
  • Parking
  • Payment receipts
  • Proof of collection / delivery
  • Receipt of delivery
  • Work-in-progress labeling