Datalogic Gryphon GFE4400

Code: GFE4490-K10

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Barcode Scanners Datalogic Gryphon GFE4400

Barcode Scanner Datalogic-Gryphon GFE4400;

Datalogic Gryphon GFE4400, 2D, Dual-IF, kit (USB)


    Datalogic Gryphon GFE4400, 2D, Dual-IF

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    GRYPHON  GFE4400 2D

    Scanning motor engine Gryphon GFE4400 2D is a compact and easy to use OEM solution which easily integrates in self-service box offices, prices verifiers, documents managing machines and laboratory analisis, vending machines and other similar devices.
    GFE4400 OEM engine has a wide angle reading field, great performance even at very short distances and exceptional readability also of moving (motion tolerance), filthy or bad printed codes.
    Like all Gryphon scaners, GFE4400 does provide to users a visual good reading feedback through the Datalogic ‘Green Spot’ patented technology.