Datalogic Heron D3130

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Barcode Scanners Datalogic Heron D3130

Heron D3130

Handheld barcode scanner with cable DATALOGIC Heron HD3130

Datalogic Heron D3130 Barcode scanner, 1D scansion, black, no cable
117,42VAT Included
Datalogic Heron D3130 Hand held Barcode scanner, linear image 1D, USB kit, black.
130,61VAT Included
Datalogic Heron D3130 Barcode scanner, 1D scansion, white, no cable
131,80VAT Included
Datalogic Heron D3130 Barcode scanner, 1D scansion, white, USB interface with cable
136,08VAT Included

Barcode scanners are devices able to decodify barcodes.

Heron D3130 is a handheld imager scanner able to read 1D barcodes including GS1 DataBar linear codes; it also provides visual and audio information on the reading result; it does interface to industrial systems through several communication protocols.

Heron D3130 is a compact, ergonomic device, easy to use and install. 

Intended for those who frequently use a scanning device it is very suitable in retails for cash transactions.

  • Compact sized
  • Protection rating IP40
  • VIsual and audio good reading feedback
  • Interfaces USB, RS232, Keyboard Wedge


  • Retail - Point of Sale
  • Pharmacy (Minsan codes)


  • With cable
  • Hand held
  • Presentation
  • Barcode
Reading type
  • up to 60 cm

Customer reviews
  • 01 dic 2021
    Ottimo prodotto, arrivato già programmato per i codici che utilizziamo.
  • 09 mag 2017
    Great product. Equipped with instructions for the specific configuration of the industry-sector of use.
  • 06 mar 2017
    Great product.
  • 28 feb 2017
    Great product both at functional and aesthetic level.
  • 18 dic 2016
    reccomended product
  • 25 nov 2016
    Nice and fast