Datalogic Magellan 9300i

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Barcode Scanners Datalogic Magellan 9300i

Magellan 9300i

Magellan 9300i - High-performance bench-top reader

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Magellan 9300i

Magellan 9300i / 9400i scanner and scanner / scale: the new series of high-performance bar code readers. Equipped with digital imager technology in all reading tables, the 9300i / 9400i scanners easily acquire both 1D and 2D barcodes and allow the cash desk operator to work quickly and continuously, without having to orientate the product correctly.
With a more traditional layout, large vertical and horizontal reading windows, the Magellan 9300i / 9400i series can be easily integrated into the cash desk or in self-checkout stations with a touchscreen and can easily interface with any type of payment terminal and printer.
All this guaranteeing maximum ergonomic comfort for the cashier, whether seated or standing.
The optional Customer Service Scanner (CSS) for Magellan enables retailers to easily implement
mobile commerce programs. In fact, customers can autonomously scan barcodes of promotional coupons - both when presented on a smartphone screen and on paper - while the operator continues to pass the products in the box, thus significantly reducing the total time transaction.
Innovative features and value-added options such as ScaleSentry monitoring / prevention technology, AllWeighs balance plate and support for all major EAS systems make the Magellan 9300i / 9400i the ideal solution to better manage operations to reduce losses in the point of sale.
Il Remote Management supporta OPOS, JavaPOS, IBM Systems Director e Wavelink Avalanche. Ulteriori funzionalità a Valore Aggiunto sono incluse di serie in ogni scanner Magellan.



• Full digital scanning with 2D code decoding capability in every reading plane and image acquisition make Magellan 9300i / 9400i scanners highly reliable when data is being collected
• Can be ordered with the Customer Service Scanner (CSS) option on flexible support and on the customer side, for the automatic scanning of coupons and loyalty cards, on telephone or on paper
• The Magellan 9300i / 9400i bi-optical scanners are made with a form factor compatible with traditional cash desks and allow you to maintain the same barcode scanning habits
• Available in the standard version already integrated, verified and certified and in models with the possibility of integrating scales of other local producers
• The EASEOFCARE service program offers a wide range of options to protect your investments, ensure maximum productivity and ROI
• Digimarc code acquisition capability (optional - 9400i series only)





Magellan 9300i