Honeywell Metrologic SG20 2D

Code: SG20B2D-USB001

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Barcode Scanners Honeywell Metrologic SG20 2D

Barcode Scanner Honeywell-SG20 2D; bluetooth, hand held

Honeywell SG20 2D - Barcode reader bluetooth, hand held; area imager (extended range) with laser aimer tecnology for 2D / BIDIMENSIONAL CODES, code; Color Black. Base included (charger and data trasmission). Cable usb included. Interface KBW, RS-232 SERIAL (DB-9), USB.

    SG20 2D - Cordless

    Reliable and sensitive scanning
    The checkout process is all about speed and efficiency. SG20HP is the fastest barcode reading technology with more movement tolerance than competing devices. This ensures that all common 1D and 2D bar codes are scanned in a simple and consistent manner so that they can serve customers more quickly.
    Unlike laser scanners, the SG20HP supports true omnidirectional scanning of both 1D and 2D bar codes. Combined with classroom tolerance, this feature means that barcodes are scanned quickly at any orientation. Now, you do not have to waste time repositioning the objects incorrectly to get a successful scan.
    Perfectly compatible with your needs, the SG20 understands that a one-sizefits-all approach to scanning can limit the efficiency and precision of users, so the SG20 family includes a range of models with different communication and communication capabilities scan.
    Choose between Bluetooth wireless for up to 10 feet (32.8 feet) or the simplicity of cable connectivity (cables).



    • It has the industry's fastest 2D imaging technology for highly reactive and reliable scanning
    • Unique and ergonomic design maximizes comfort and saves space on the counter
    • The large LED indicator provides effective visual feedback
    • Choice of options for your scanning needs: 1D or 2D scanning engines, laser or LED pointers, keyed or Bluetooth
    • Wide range of multifunction accessories adds flexibility to the scanner
    • Integrates seamlessly with point selling systems, iOS® and Android® devices, personal computers and common software solutions



    • Cordless
    • Bluetooth
    • Hand held
    • KBW
    • RS-232 Serial (DB-9)
    • USB
    • Area imager (extended range) with laser aimer
    • Black
    • 2D / Bidimensional codes
    Scanning angle
    • N.D.
    • Barcode
    • USB included
    Reading type
    • up to 25,4 cm.
    IP Protection Class
    • IP30
    • Included (charger and data trasmission)
    • Not applicable
    Radio range
    • 10 m.
    Machine body
    • no healthcare