Zebra DS4608-HD

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Barcode Scanners Zebra DS4608-HD



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DS4600 series for the healthcare sector - Hospital environment scanner

Easy to disinfect, with the strength needed for everyday use.
Designed for use at the point of care, the DS4608-HC is equipped with a disinfectant-proof frame that resists periodic disinfection with the most common products. Screw holes and speaker outlets are covered to reduce the risk of bacteria build-up. The IP52 protection protects against contact with liquids, while a patented optical system with double insulation protects the most important optical components from dust and liquids, ensuring absolutely clear bar code acquisition, for always fast and reliable decoding.
The recessed scanning window protects the "eye" of the DS9900 series from stains, dirt and scratches that can compromise its performance. In addition, the scanner is designed to withstand multiple 1.8m drops on concrete and 2,000 rolling impacts, as certified by our challenging rolling test.
Various feedback modes, with night mode and vibration.
The DS4608-HC has a feedback mode for every environment and situation. You can choose between tactile / vibration feedback, a successful decoding LED easily visible from any position, a traditional acoustic signal with adjustable volume and frequency and a direct Zebra encoding indicator that projects the lighting on the bar code. In night mode, a quick trigger pressure alternates between acoustic signal and vibration. The operator has immediate confirmation of the scanning of a medicine bottle, a bracelet or a biological sample, and the disturbance to the patients is minimal.
At any time of the day, data acquisition plays a crucial role throughout the hospital. Neonatal intensive care nurses read the bracelet on the ankle of a newborn to verify its identity. Nurses read IV bag codes to record time and dosage.
Pharmacists read the barcode of a medicine for a cross-check with the prescribed dosage, and lab technicians read the barcodes on the samples to trace them accurately.
With the DS4600 series scanners for the healthcare industry, you will have a single solution for all these data acquisition needs - and more.
Designed for use throughout the hospital, the DS4608-HC resists continuous disinfection at the point of care and is equipped with an LED pointer that can be safely used even in neonatal intensive care. This versatile scanner easily and accurately captures virtually all types of barcodes in a hospital, and features innovative features that further improve workflow efficiency and patient experience. The industry's most popular management tools and Zebra's exclusive DataCapture DNA suite make scanner integration, implementation and management as easy as possible.