Zebra DS4608-SR

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Barcode Scanners Zebra DS4608-SR


DS4608-SR - Specific for the retail sector

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DS4608-SR - Specific for the retail sector

Today's customers do not like long queues at the checkout counter or at the returns desk. The DS4600 series offers the versatility and scanning performance needed to ensure fast transactions and effectively dispose of queues throughout the store. This feature-rich line of scanners allows the scanning of articles of all sizes, bar code reading in practically any condition and the management of all types of transactions. There is a model of the DS4600 series suitable for every need of your point of sale.
Bulky items in a shopping cart, a customer's driving license at the returns counter, an electronic discount voucher at the checkout, the tiny barcodes in the jewelery department: the DS4600 series can handle them all. Increasing efficiency reduces queues and encourages customers to return to the store several times. In addition, the industry's most popular management tools and the exclusive DataCapture DNA suite make scanner integration, implementation and management as easy as possible. DS4600 Series - more versatility in data acquisition, greater reach and greater innovation.
The DS4600 series can count on the same foolproof scanning range as the Zebra DS4308 model, which has set the standard for decoding radius. The DS4608-SR model is able to acquire UPC codes at a distance of over 70 cm and allows workers to easily reach the items in the customer's cart without moving from the cash desk. The 800 MHz microprocessor, a high-resolution 1 megapixel sensor and Zebra's exclusive PRZM intelligent imaging technology ensure instant capture of even the most problematic bar codes. In addition, a patented rear scan engine design allows the DS4600 series to read wider barcodes at any distance, unlike other scanners with a similar field of view. Salespeople can thus dedicate themselves to customers, rather than positioning the items correctly.
Operational reliability day after day
The DS4600 series is designed to last, internally and externally. The IP52 protection protects against contact with liquids, while a patented optical system with double insulation protects the most important optical components from dust and liquids, ensuring absolutely clear bar code acquisition, for always fast and reliable decoding. The recessed scanning window protects the "eye" of the DS9900 series from stains, dirt and scratches that can compromise its performance. In addition, the scanner is designed to withstand multiple 1.8m drops on concrete and 2,000 rolling impacts, as certified by our challenging rolling test.



  • Can also be used as a document scanner: With just one press of the scan trigger, the DS4600 series acquires images of checks and utility bills, while the DS4608-SR and DS4608-DL units are able to scan full-page documents. Zebra's Intelligent Document Capture software automatically compensates for changes in brightness and straightens the image for optimal clarity.
  • Capture multiple barcodes with a single click of the scan trigger: Thanks to the MDF (Multi-Code Data Formatting) technology, the DS4600 series allows you to scan multiple barcodes with a single trigger pressure and transmit only the necessary codes, in the order required by the application.
  • Isolation of one bar code among many: With Zebra's Preferred Symbol prioritization technique, you can use the DS4600 series to capture and transmit only the desired barcode, preventing workers from wasting time to physically cover adjacent codes before scanning.
  • Disabling EAS tags during scanning: The optional EAS support, available on the DS4608-HD / HL model, allows operators to deactivate the EAS tags with checkpoints during the price scan, increasing productivity at the cash desks and preventing incorrect alarms.
  • Simplification of data collection with OCR: Let intelligent technology work for you. OCR support speeds up the collection of data from identity and travel documents without barcodes, shortening the transactions at the cash desks in airport and other places.
  • Collection of driving license data: With a single press of the DS4608-DL / HL scan trigger, operators can capture and analyze data on driving licenses to automatically fill out a loyalty card or credit card application form, verify the customer's age for purchases subject to registry restrictions, processing a return and performing other operations.
  • Immediate deploy: The DS4600 series is very simple to configure. The scanner is supplied already configured for everyday applications, while the host's automatic detection cables automatically select the correct interface: simply connect the scanner and it is immediately ready for use.



  • Retail, sales area
  • Cash desk scanning
  • Mobile scan: electronic discount vouchers / loyalty cards
  • Driving license analysis: age verification, loyalty and credit card requests
  • Verification of taxes on tobacco and alcohol
  • EAS Checkpoint
  • OCR/reading passports
  • Retail, back store
  • Receiving goods
  • Inventory
  • Hotel industry
  • Tickets for entry to events
  • Quick service restaurants
  • Drive-in



DS 4608 SR