38,23VAT Included€ 31,34 + VAT 22%

Tags SQC Ribbon for florists

Ribbon for florists

Synthetic tape, roll packaging for thermal transfer printing.

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from14,71VAT Included€ 12,06 + VAT 22%

Tags SQC Patinated cardboard in roll

Coated Tags (roll)

Tag for thermal transfer printing, requires the use of wax ribbon. (roll)

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from320,62VAT Included€ 262,80 + VAT 22%

Tags SQC Coloured cardboard in roll

Colored Tag (roll)

Colored tag for thermal transfer printing. Requires the use of wax-resin ribbon.

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from194,50VAT Included€ 159,43 + VAT 22%

Tags SQC Yupo FDR

Yupo FDR

Yupo FDR - Special synthetic paper labels (YUPO FDR) for direct food contact . Coiling in roll.

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from203,91VAT Included€ 167,14 + VAT 22%

Tags SQC Topcoated cardboard in roll

Cartoncino termico protetto in bobina

Cartoncino termico protetto, non adesivo, per la stampa termica diretta.

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from305,26VAT Included€ 250,21 + VAT 22%

Tags SQC Fanfold patinated cardboard

Coated paper tag in fanfold

Coated paper tag in fanfold- Non adhesive white tags for thermal transfer printing

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from364,26VAT Included€ 298,57 + VAT 22%

Tags SQC Peppart 145my bobina

Pappart 145my

Pappart 145my - Synthetic material for thermal transfer printing, requires the use of resin ribbon. Coiling in roll.

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469,07VAT Included€ 384,48 + VAT 22%List: €642,55Save: €173,48

Tags SQC Peppart 145my pack

Peppart 145my (fanfold)

Peppart 145my (fanfold) - White color synthetic material for thermal transfer printing requires the use of resin ribbon.

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