Desktop Zebra printers: setting up autocalibration
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Such as MidRange and HighEnd printers in desktop printers, it's possible to configure power up actions

Power Up actions available are

  • Do nothing
  • feed one label
  • short calibration

You can setup the printer using this ZPL instruction:  ^MF (media Feed)

with following options

  • F : feed one label
  • S : short calibration
  • N : None

In the following example we'll configure printer to do nothing on power up and on head closing

Download the  following file

Open Control Panel, then Device and printers select "printer settings" and follow istruction in this image:


On step 4 select the downloaded txt file and select "Invia" Or "Send" (step 5), depending on language of your printer driver


Restart your printer

Michele Buffolino

Michele Buffolino

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