Zebra DS2278 barcode scanner configuration: how to set keyboard language
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Zebra DS2278 barcode scanner configuration

In this brief guide we will explain how to set the keyboard language for all Zebra DS2278 family barcode scanners.

In USB keyboard emulation configurations, the device is recognized by the operating system as an input device like a keyboard, so the key layout must be consistent with that of the physical keyboard;

The default keyboard is "US Keyboard", if the layout is not changed, it can happen that reading bar codes containing special characters, these are not correctly transcoded; 

e.g. the character "-" (hyphen) could be encoded with "'" (apex)


To set another keyboard you have to:

  • download the product reference guide at the following link
  • print the page with the barcode corresponding to the keyboard configuration you desire: you can find keyboard configuration barcodes starting from page 336 of pdf (B-2 of the guide)
  • scan the barcode corresponding to the required keyboard (some configuration have a number: it means the number of keys on the keyboard)


Michele Buffolino

Michele Buffolino

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