Zebra ZD620D-HC

Code: ZD62H43-D0EL02EZ

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Label Printers Zebra ZD620D-HC

Label Printer Zebra ZD620D-HC; direct thermal; btle/LAN/rs-232 serial (db-9)/usb/wi-fi; display.

Zebra ZD620D-HC - desktop Printer ; direct thermal print; Interface: BTLE/LAN/RS-232 SERIAL (DB-9)/USB/WI-FI; Resolution: 12 dot/mm (300 dpi); Speed: 152 mm/sec. Options: display.

    ZD620D-HC - Direct thermal printer

    The ZD620-HC raises the bar for conventional desktop printers with superior print quality and innovative features. Available in both the direct thermal and thermal transfer model, the ZD620HC offers most of the standard features of Zebra desktop printers, plus an optional 10-button user interface with color LCD, which simplifies setup procedures to the maximum and status reports.
    Designed specifically for the healthcare sector, the ZD620-HC resists the constant application of disinfectants and is equipped with a power supply compliant with healthcare regulations.
    With optional 300 dpi printing, even the smallest labels are crisp and legible. The ZD620 runs Link-OS and is supported by our powerful suite of applications, utilities and development tools, Print DNA, which guarantees a superior printing experience thanks to better performance, simplified remote manageability and greater ease of integration. Zebra ZD620: maximum speed, print quality and manageability to improve productivity, accuracy and quality of care of healthcare facilities.
    The five new LED icons provide an immediate picture of the printer status.
    The standard three-button user interface with five status icons replaces the typical single-button / single-light interface of most desktop printers.
    Nurses, doctors and other health professionals instantly see what is needed to keep the device operational, such as replenishing print media or solving a problem.
    Configuration in moments with the 10-button user interface and optional color LCD display.
    It is easy to configure and customize the ZD620-HC with the optional 10-button user interface and color LCD display. The display changes color when the printer is paused or in an error state, so the user can identify a problem instantly and resolve it before it has an impact on productivity.



    • PRINT WIDTH: 104 mm for 203 dpi; 108 mm for 300 dpi
    • MAXIMUM PRINTING SPEED: 203 mm / 8 "per second (203 dpi); 152 mm / 6" per second (300 dpi)
      • USB v2.0 (standard)
      • Bluetooth Low Energy (standard)
      • Interfaccia seriale RS-232 (standard)
      • Ethernet 10/100 (standard)
      • Wireless: 802.11ac with 4.1 Bluetooth (factory-installed)
    • PRINT RESOLUTION: 203 dpi / 8 points per mm; 12 points per mm / 300 dpi (optional)
    • MEDIA SENSORS: Full width reflective / black mobile sensor; multi-position transmissive / vacuum sensor
    • SANIFIABLE CASING: specific for healthcare environments



    • Specific for the health sector and sterile environments


    • Desktop
    • Direct Thermal
    Label widht
    • 108 mm.
    • BTLE
    • internal ZebraNet® 10/100 Print Server
    • PrintTouch (NFC)
    • RS-232 Serial (DB-9)
    • USB
    • USB Host
    • Wi-Fi
    • 12 dot/mm (300 dpi)
    • 152 mm/sec
    • Free (on-line)
    • Display
    • Movable sensor
    • Real-Time Clock (RTC),
    • Android capable
    • ios capable
    Media Type
    • Label
    • Receipt
    • Tags
    • Wristband
    Machine body
    • Healtcare
    • White
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